About Us

At Compass, we know decision making. We're decision analysts, facilitators and planners offering a full range of decision support services, creative problem solving tools and strategic analysis to help people and governments make informed and transparent choices.

Our expertise is in environmental policy, planning, and risk analysis. The problems we work on usually involve multiple parties, complicated science and policy options, and conflicts among stakeholders or experts. Solutions for these kinds of problems span conventional boundaries, and a lot of what we do involves working at those edges, integrating across disciplines, sectors, jurisdictions, hypotheses and worldviews. We’re known for designing and facilitating processes that bring people together to work on messy problems – and getting results.

We’re all about choices. Helping people learn about things that matter, talk about things that are hard, and make the choices that will determine what kind of future we live in.

What defines us – the Compass difference

A laser-sharp focus on what it takes to make good decisions. 

Clear objectives, creative alternatives, targeted analysis. An open exploration of uncertainty and what it means for the choice at hand. Thoughtful deliberations and frank, mind-changing conversations about tough trade-offs. We’re committed to helping people make more informed choices about things that matter for a just and sustainable future.

An unusual talent for both numbers and people.

Making informed choices requires attention to both facts and values. To every problem, we bring our unique blend of analytical rigor and people-sense. We create the space where facts and values, dialogue and analysis, come together. This blend has become the Compass trademark, helping people make informed, value-based choices on four continents for two decades.

Honest brokers of environmental choices. 

We’re environmental management professionals. We know how to navigate the messy science, people and institutional challenges that come with real-world environmental decision making. We know what’s needed for informed and transparent decisions that will stand up to technical and public scrutiny. And we’re trusted by the players – government, industry, NGOs, communities and indigenous groups – for our unwavering commitment to neutral and principled facilitation, analysis and leadership.