The Canary in the Mine Shaft
March 27, 2012


“If you take care of the caribou, the rest of the North will be protected”. That’s the idea behind woodland caribou recovery planning in Canada. But caribou numbers have diminished to the point where fairly drastic measures may be required. 

Building on the successful facilitation of a water management planning process for the Lower Athabasca River, Compass has again been engaged by the Cumulative Environmental Management Association to tackle another controversial planning problem in the oil sands region of Alberta. This time, Compass is facilitating a multi-stakeholder committee to develop recommendations for a linear disturbance management plan for a 300,000 hectare area. 

Faced with the challenging task of seeking agreement on the best balance of in-situ oil sands development, caribou habitat protection and recreation and aboriginal land use, the committee is currently working on defining clear objectives and developing creative management alternatives.