THE best. EVER.
December 2, 2010

On a recent trip to the capital of the Northwest Territories for the Yellowknife Heat Recovery project, Compass consultants Trent Berry and Taylor Zeeg experienced nothing like they’ve ever had before. “OMG, amazing,” they said. “How can it be so good?” they asked. “Who knew?”.

What was it, you ask? Fish and chips. Yes, fish and chips. But not just any fish and chips. THE best fish and chips EVER (apparently).

“I have no idea what batter they use, or where they get the fish for that matter, but this is simply the best fish and chips I’ve ever had,” says Taylor. Trent wholeheartedly agrees. “It is simply fantastic. I have no idea what makes it so good but it really is the best fish and chips I’ve ever eaten.”

Taylor and Trent had just come back from their trip to Yellowknife having achieved some pretty significant milestones – a unanimous vote from Yellowknife City Council to approve Compass’s proposal for a new Community Energy System that recovers geothermal heat from a former gold mine and that will ultimately reduce GHG emissions by 20,000 tonnes/year. But what was the first thing we heard about in the office when they got back? The fish and chips! So naturally we had to post this article. “I know it seems trivial in light of everything else,” adds Taylor. “But seriously, guys. The fish and chips were awesome.”

The next time you are in Yellowknife, be sure to check out the fish and chips at Bullocks' Bistro. And let us know if you agree with Taylor and Trent!