Planning for Climate Change
September 20, 2012

Compass teamed up with EcoPlan International to write “Planning for Climate Change: A Strategic, Values-based Approach for Urban Planners.” This guide was published by the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT), and was developed “for city planners and other allied professionals to better understand, assess, and take action on climate change at the local level. While climate change is a global issue, this guide is specifically intended for urban communities in low and middle income countries where the challenges are unique and the human stakes of planning for climate change are particularly high.” The guide incorporates structured decision making, along with a participatory, community-based methodology.

Please download the guide here free of charge.

In addition to the UN Habitat Planning Guide, Compass has completed numerous climate change related projects across sectors and regions, including:

·   Nunavut Climate Change Adaptation Partnership

·   BC Ministry of Environment Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

·   Climate Change Planning in Southwest Yukon

·   Protected Areas Climate Change Adaptation Plans

·   An Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity Management in BC

·   Forest Sector Climate Change Adaptation Planning