SDM article in Restoration Ecology
October 18, 2012

"Science, Uncertainty, and Values in Ecological Restoration: A Case Study in Structured Decision-Making and Adaptive Management" was recently published online in Restoration Ecology. Written by Lee Failing, Robin Gregory  and Paul Higgins, it summarizes our work on a decision making framework to guide experimental flow trials on the Lower Bridge River. We used SDM to structure the decision about whether and how to continue flow experiments on the Bridge River. We found - not surprisingly - that experimental and monitoring results alone don't produce a decision. What's needed is an explicit, structured framework for dealing with value-based judgments once experimental results are delivered. This is one of the great things about SDM: it supports sound science and productive dialogue. Both are needed to make tough choices. 

Please check out the article here:;jsessionid=79A8E3ADECF902D95B448837E6FC74BD.d01t02?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false