The surprising potential of dirty water
December 20, 2012


Rachel Kaufman’s recent article for the National Geographic Daily News “Waste Wattage: Cities Aim to Flush Heat Energy Out of Sewers” highlights how warm waste water “is an astoundingly powerful energy source.”   Kaufman notes that “the first big wastewater heat recovery system in North America is in Vancouver, British Columbia, providing 70 percent of the energy needs to the community known as Olympic Village.”  

Compass led the development of the initial integrated energy management plan for Southeast False Creek (SEFC), which included the 2010 Olympic Village. Part of that plan included a new district energy system with heat recovery from a nearby sewer pump station. Compass supported the City through all aspects of the implementation of this project including feasibility, business case, ownership decisions, and rate design.  It’s great to see the City receive such international attention for this project!