Compass Helps Guide Northern Town
February 8, 2013


At just over 100 km south of the Arctic Circle, reliable heating service is the difference between life and death for the residents of Norman Wells. In this context, the Town is actively seeking a solution to a looming challenge.

The Town of Norman Wells requires an immediate thermal energy solution. The Town’s current heating needs are met with natural gas from Imperial Oil (IOL). The Town purchases gas from IOL and distributes to over 360 individual customers via a City-owned gas distribution utility. However, several years ago IOL indicated that gas will no longer be available to the Town and will instead be used for other production purposes. Through discussion, the Town and IO resolved Commercial Area gas service will be tentatively terminated by June 2013 and Residential Area gas service terminated by June 2014.

Compass Resource Management, in collaboration with Associated Engineering conducted a business screening analysis to show the path forward. Following completion of the technical and business screening analysis, Council directed staff to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a utility partner to supply heat to the Town of Norman Wells; and, further to form a supporting committee of Council to assist in the conversion from natural gas. Compass was subsequently engaged as the Town's advisor for the RFP process.