Chris Joseph completes PhD on environmental assessment
April 8, 2013

Chris successfully defended his PhD at Simon Fraser University in January of this year. Chris’ dissertation concerns a set of interrelated topics:

  • characteristics of megaproject and megaprograms, and challenges they pose to those conducting environmental assessment,
  • ‘good practice’ in the environmental assessment of megaprojects in the megaprogram context (such as the Alberta oil sands),
  • evaluation of the Alberta and federal environmental assessment processes,
  • cost-benefit analysis of the Kearl oil sands mine, and
  • evaluation of cost-benefit analysis in terms of its ability to inform environmental assessment.

Chris works on a variety of topics at Compass but focuses when he can on projects related to environmental assessment. In the past six months Chris has developed guidance for effect assessment in the BC environmental assessment process for the BC government, and guidance for Environment Canada on integrating valuation into federal environmental assessment.