It's unanimous!
November 12, 2010

The Yellowknife City Council recently voted unanimously to support implementation of a new Community Energy System proposed by Compass as part of the Yellowknife Heat Recovery project. The vote is a significant milestone for the project, taking the city one step closer to 20,000 tonnes/year of GHG reductions.

“I am pretty happy it was unanimous,” says Taylor Zeeg, Compass Associate managing the project. “There were a few on the Council that grilled us pretty hard—they really paid attention to the detail—but it gave us an opportunity to really explain and justify why we were proposing this particular approach.”

The City of Yellowknife engaged Compass in June 2010 to complete an investment-grade analysis of a district energy system that will recover geothermal heat from a former gold mine in Yellowknife. Working with engineering and legal partners, Compass put forward their proposed system to Council for their vote in August.

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