Christian Beaudrie co-authors risk perception paper
November 21, 2013

Expert Views on Regulatory Preparedness for Managing the Risks of Nanotechnologies” was published this month in PLOS One, an online open access peer-reviewed scientific journal.  Written by Christian Beaudrie, Terre Satterfield, Milind Kandlikar and Barbara H. Harthorn, this risk perception paper is based on work from Christian’s PhD which he completed in January 2013 (see related news story).

This article explores the health and environmental implications of nanomaterials, and whether there are sufficient regulatory systems in place to assess and manage their benefits and risks.  Their study draws from a survey of “US-based nano-scientists and engineers, environmental health and safety scientists, and regulatory scientists and decision-makers, to ask whether nano experts regard regulatory agencies as unprepared.” Their results “underscore the need for new tools and methods to enable the assessment of nanomaterial risks, and to renew confidence in regulatory agencies’ ability to oversee their growing use and application in society.”