Please welcome Holly Nesbitt to our team!
March 17, 2014

Please join us in welcoming Holly Nesbitt, our newest Associate to join Compass. Holly has a background in fisheries biology: her undergraduate education focused on aquatic ecology and conservation, and her master’s examined whether diversity increases stability and opportunity in Food, Social, Ceremonial (FSC) salmon fisheries on the Fraser River (spoiler – it does). Holly has taken courses in environmental policy and law, stakeholder diversity and social sciences of resource management, negotiation and conflict resolution, and fisheries stock assessment.  

Holly is the recipient of the Simon Fraser University Provost’s Prize of Distinction and the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship, as well as the Cowles Award for Best Biogeographical Publication of the Year, and the Queen’s University Excellence Scholarship. We are thrilled that Holly has chosen to call Compass her home!