Honoring the contributions of a great scientist and friend
May 26, 2014
In August 2013 a good friend and collaborator, Paul Higgins, passed away. Last month at NSERC Hydronet's annual Symposium, we helped deliver a session designed to remind us all of Paul's incredible contribution to fisheries science and the responsible management of hydroelectric facilities.
Paul was an advocate of structured decision making methods, and over the years was instrumental in helping us turn more than a few half-baked ideas into practical and successful methods. Invited speakers - Basil Stumborg, Alf Leake, Todd Hatfield, Josh Korman, David Marmorek and Brent Mossop - reflected on lessons learned with respect to structured decision making, monitoring and adaptive management, especially in the context of BC's innovative water use planning program. As Graham said in his opening remarks, Paul didn't let anyone get away with saying or doing stupid things. Accordingly, discussions focused on a "theory vs reality" theme, and ended by asking: What worked and what didn't? What should we be more realistic about? What should we be more ambitious about?
Thanks to all those who made the session a success. And thanks again to Paul who brought us so many great insights about people, science and decision making.