Compass helps UN Habitat
June 4, 2014

Climate change is fast becoming one of the most significant challenges of the twenty first century and the implications on development are substantial. As centres of economic, political, and cultural activity cities must play an important role in designing and implementing climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. With the help from UN-Habitat, Cambodia's coastal city of Preah Sihanouk is making positive strides to address the threats of climate change. "Planning for Climate Change: A Strategic Values-Based Approach in Sihanoukville" showcases how UN-Habitat's climate change planning approach can effectively help cities to build their resilience.

Compass Resource Management, in collaboration with EcoPlan international developed “Planning for Climate Change: A strategic, values-based approach for urban planners”.  The guide provides a method and series of tools that planners in developing world cities can use to assess and strategically address climate change risk.

UN-Habitat is using the guidebook as their main climate change planning guide in work with cities facing climate risks. They recently produced a short video which tells the story of how the guide had been used in a few cities in southeast Asia. The video is available here.