Shifting North!
November 12, 2014

Compass works to help communities and governments wrestle with challenging questions of development and conservation.

We are excited by our current suite of opportunities to work with governments and communities in the north. We’re currently supporting governments in all three northern territories – Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut – in the development of land use and resource management plans, policies, and decision processes that seek the delicate balance between development and conservation. We continue to support and learn from those deeply engaged in the future of Canada’s North. As we heard from an aboriginal elder in one of our recent workshops, “… it’s all about three things – Caribou, People and Money.”

Similarly on BC’s northern coast where discussions of pipelines and LNG terminals are all the rage, we have been working for several First Nations that are trying to protect the cultural and ecological heritage of their traditional territories on the one hand, and solve persistent gaps in employment and economic development on the other hand. It has been fascinating delving into the details of traditional harvesting, housing, and community cohesion and how development can be helpful in some ways and unhelpful in others. As part of our efforts we’re working with local First Nations to develop an overall cumulative effects management approach that will inform responses to current environmental impact assessments as well as support broader ambitions across the whole region to track and manage cumulative effects into the future.