Who We Are

An endlessly curious band of problem solvers.

It's hard to box us in with regular job descriptions. In conventional terms, we're decision analysts and planners. But labels aside, we’re really just an endlessly curious band of problem solvers.

Compass people come from an eclectic mix of disciplines and histories, but we have two things in common. The first is an unusual sharpness of focus on what it takes to make good decisions. The second is a talent for both numbers and people - a rare combination. We think that's what it takes to face today's environmental management challenges.

  • Dan is a Principal at Compass where he works on environmental risk management problems that involve multiple resource use conflicts, scientific uncertainty, and environmental and economic trade-off analyses.
  • Graham is a Principal at Compass with over 20 years' experience helping corporations, governments and NGOs make important environmental policy decisions.
  • Lee is a Principal at Compass with a knack for getting the right science and the right people working together on hard problems
  • Michael is a Principal at Compass with fourteen years experience designing and facilitating scientific review committees and public planning processes.
  • Christian is an Associate at Compass and a PhD graduate from the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability at the University of British Columbia.
  • Holly is an Associate at Compass with a background in aquatic ecology and fisheries management.
  • Mindy is our Bookkeeper at Compass.
  • Sally is an Associate at Compass, bringing a wide breadth of experience from Aboriginal and stakeholder consultation to energy and greenhouse gas emissions modeling.
  • Philip is an Associate at Compass Resource Management with a background in landscape ecology, water quality, and decision support.
  • Kristina is the Office Administrator for Compass.